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Dr. David William newsletter “Alternatives”

February 26, 2017 •

Dr. David William, who writes the popular health newsletter, Alternatives, brought L‑Tryptophan to the attention of his subscribers way back in 1996. And just as his loyal fans have grown, so have the many thousands who take L‑Tryptophan on a daily basis.

If you are unfamiliar with L‑Tryptophan, it is naturally found in protein and has been recommended by nutritionally-educated doctors in America and Europe for over thirty years.

To show you the importance of this critical amino acid, L‑Tryptophan is commonly added to baby formulas because it is essential for growth. Moreover, L‑Tryptophan is added to hospital intravenous solutions (IV’s) where it is absolutely essential to life.

You should be aware that your body does not make L‑Tryptophan, and you cannot live without it.

Many of our clients: Psychiatrists, medical doctors, and nutritionists, alike, have long recognized the value of L‑Tryptophan for maintaining good health, promoting a cheerful mood, relieving irritability, reducing the craving for sweets and carbohydrates, and encouraging normal, healthy sleep.

Although L‑Tryptophan is an essential amino acid commonly found in protein, it is important to understand that L‑Tryptophan also is the amino acid most lacking in your diet. Plasma amino-acid analysis of hundreds of patients demonstrates that L‑Tryptophan is the amino acid most deficient in the American diet.

As demonstrated by Dr. Charles Jarowski, former head of Research and Development at Pfizer, Inc., when an essential amino acid such as L‑Tryptophan is in short supply, a host of health conditions begin to surface, often emotional ones, first.

Remember, because L‑Tryptophan is an essential nutrient, no other amino acid, protein, vitamin, mineral, herb or drug can take the place of L‑Tryptophan.

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